A tidbit about myself.

“I remember when I first realized that I was more interested in Photoshop the software , than I was in the content I was creating with it.”

I’ve spent over 15 years working in design in New York City. Over time, I’ve been referred to as a number of different things professionally, including: Interaction Designer, UX Designer, Product Designer, Manager, Team Builder, Educator, and Mentor. Some things have remained constant. I really enjoy taking big ideas and translating them into meaningful experiences that “fit” into people lives.

My design career began early on designing flash sites and landing pages, then transitioned to some of the early stages of mobile, designing for flip phones and on to the very first iPhone and touch devices. This has included working in both b2b and b2c spaces from singular focused apps to developing large platform products. My career has spanned different verticals including ad-tech, finance, and education; mostly concentrating on small to medium sized start-ups.

“Design Thinking is an approach not a process.”

My Approach:

It’s important to understand that there is no “process” that will work every time for each team or every problem you are trying to solve. There are no set number of steps or formula that will end in a perfect outcome. This is why I refer to Design Thinking as an approach. Design Thinking provides a consistent platform for how I’m going to tackle different problems. It’s a continuous cycle and you may start a problem in the middle or even at the end of a cycle. Perhaps there are missing parts, or new information becomes available that causes you to modify direction. Design Thinking merely provides an outline for a number of different tactics to be applied to.

I try to cover as many instances of this over my various case studies as well as the FAQ section. The case studies are a small sample of the types of problems I have helped solved for clients. For more details feel free to contact me, I would love to discuss further how I might be able to help your product and users.

Drop me a Line and I will respond pronto(-ish.)!